Monday, December 19, 2011

The morons

I was driving with my kids in the backseat the other day and it seemed like nobody knew how to drive.  It started when some lady just decided that a stop sign was optional and cut me off.  I'm not much of a cusser, so I just shouted out "watch out you flippin moron" and thought nothing of it.  Later in the day, I was turning right at a light and there was another car coming towards me who wanted to turn left.  I had a green light, so I turned.  The guy coming at me never even slowed down.  He got right on my bumper and started waving his hands and yelling at me like I cut him off.  I knew I was right (I mean, a right hand turn at a light has the right of way over a left hand turn right?) so again I yelled something about a flippin moron.  A couple minutes later, my 3 year old says "Oh no mom."  I asked him what was wrong and he replied "All the morons are out."  I couldn't stop laughing for about 5 minutes!!

But, I've realized that he doesn't really know what a moron is.  I believe that he thinks a moron is a truck.  So now when we're driving, he is always asking me if the morons are out or if the morons are trying to run over me.  Or my favorite "Mom, look at that big moron over there.  What's that big moron doing?"  So as funny as it is to me, I'm dreading the day he says it when we are outside of the car and around a large group of people.  I can just see it now!

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