Thursday, December 22, 2011

I was in the bathroom putting my contacts in and my son comes running in holding his PopTart saying "I need to go pee mom."  I said ok and told him to go.  He says "I need you to hold this" and holds up his PopTart.  So I told him to just set it on the counter.  He put it down and walked toward the potty.  Then he looked back at the PopTart, then at me and says "I no want you to eat it."  I assured him I wouldn't and when he finally believed me, he went over to the potty and went pee. 

Not sure when I've ever taken his breakfast from him to make him think that hard about whether or not I was being honest when I said I wouldn't eat it. 

It's pretty bad when you have to decide between peeing in the potty or eating breakfast!!

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