Monday, October 31, 2011

Pregnancy 2.0 MommyParty - sneak peak

I am so excited!!  I was just chosen to be the host of a MommyParty!! 

If you haven't heard of them yet, MommyParties are a part of Mom Select.  Once you sign up as either a mom or a mom blogger, you start receiving opportunity emails.  You get to choose which ones you apply to and which ones you don't.  If you are interested in one, you take a short survey and then Mom Select decides if you qualify or not.  I have signed up for a few (less than 10) so far, and I was just chosen for one.  So, 1 in 10 is not bad odds if you ask me!  I've signed up with other sites, applied to A LOT, and still haven't been chosen!!

Anyway....I got the "Congratulations" email last week letting my know that I have been chosen to host a MommyParty sponsored by Pregnancy 2.0.  And I've already started getting some great items delivered to my door!  So far I have received a Britax B-Agile stroller, Britax B-Safe car seat, Britax baby carrier and seat extender insert.  I also just found out that I will be getting a BabyPlus prenatal education system.  WOW!!!

I am still waiting for all of the details, but from what I've read I am supposed to have a party with at least 10 new or expecting moms to show off all of these goodies.  We all get to "play" with the items, see how they work, and then provide feedback on them. 

I'm not gonna lie....I started opening boxes last night!!  I'm just so excited to try everything out!  And my mommy friends are getting pretty excited too!!  We can't wait until my party. 

This post is just to try to help me contain my excitement as I wait for my party.  Stay tuned for another post with pictures and feedback from the actual party.

Disclosure:  I was provided with products from Britax and MommyParties to review and use with my guests.  No monetary compensation was received.  Any and all opinions are my own.  To learn more about MommyParties, please visit their website at or click the link in the above post.

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