Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Resolutions

So, we're almost a full week into the new year and I still haven't posted my New Years Resolutions.  I've thought about know, working out more, eating healthy, being a better parent/wife/person...blah, blah, blah.  Every year it's the same old stuff.  And how long do we ever make it on these radical resolutions anyway?
Well this year I've decided that I'm not making any.  I always say that I don't make promises that I'm not sure I can keep.  And yet, I always make New Years Resolutions.  How is that any different than breaking a promise?  I mean really!  I never follow through with them the whole year, so that's basically breaking a promise to myself.  Well NO MORE!!
I work out when I can.  I eat pretty healthy.  I think I'm a pretty good mother/wife/person.  So I'm no longer going to start the year telling myself to be better.  I AM better! And I don't need January 1st of every year to try to make me think that I'm not good enough.  So take that January 1st!!!  I'm not falling for your trap this year!

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